Pump Systems, Inc.
Industrial Pumps & Equipment     (336) 992-2929

Industrial Pump Service & Repair

Pump Repair

Our Pump Repair Technician, Wesley Robbins has been a part of the PSI family since 2006.  You can trust that your pump is in good hands!  Let us repair/rebuild your pump and mechanical seal today!

PSI Shop – Labor

  • $85.00/Hour
  • Additional $20.00 per Hour for Emergency Service
  • Note: Minimum $85.00 Evaluation Fee for Repair/Rebuild, Evaluation Fee will be Waived if We Proceed with the Repair/Rebuild
  • Freight Should be Prepaid, PSI will Not Accept Collect Shipments

Submit Your Repair RGA Request Here!

On-Site – Labor

  • $105.00/hour
  • Additional $20.00 per Hour for Emergency Service
  • Travel & Other Expenses May Apply
  • Purchase Order is Required to Schedule On-Site Service
  • Request a “Not To Exceed” Quote

Submit Your On-Site RFQ Here!

Note:  PSI Does Not Have Motor Testing/Repair Capabilities- We Are a Pump Repair Shop Only

Mechanical Seal Rebuild

  • We are Proud to Stock Seals & Repair Kits Manufactured by Flex-A-Seal.
  • Mechanical Seals Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in the USA
  • We also have Non-Stock Mechanical & Component Seal Capabilities.
  • If a Mechanical Seal can be Rebuilt, the Cost is Typically Half of the Cost of a New Seal
  • Send us Your Seal Today for A No Cost Evaluation & Quote, No RGA Required
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