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Installation photos from Quala South Saint Paul MN WWT System – April 2018

Quala Pump

Solids / Oil Water Separator System with PH Adjustment Chamber. Piping from sump to tank is sch 40 black iron for handling the elevated temperature. All other piping is sch 80 PVC. Conduit feeder to control panel (by local electricians) EMT. All other conduit fitted in RIGID water tight by Blue Sphere. PH controller is a Walchem 600 Series. The chemical metering pumps are Walchem LK series motor driven single diaphragm.

Custom control panel

Custom control panel. Includes Precision Digital panel meter for displaying level of wastewater in the holding tank. Siemens V series VFD with front mount potenti-ometer controls speed of the feed pump flow rate.

Separator feed pump

Separator feed pump is a Mosherflo ST2 with 3HP motor. The speed of this pump is adjustable from the control panel to control flow rate through the separator. The pump was fitted with stainless isolation valves.

Effluent piping includes P-trap with sample port.

Effluent piping includes P-trap with sample port.

Lift pump

Lift pump is a ST2 with 3HP motor, same specification as feed pump. Mounted in boiler room beside SP collection pit. This pump is piped to the top of the wastewater hold-ing tank.

A 9036 level switch

A 9036 level switch was mounted on custom fabricated pedestal with both upper and lower guide tubes to prevent rod deflection. An 8” stainless float ball drives the rod.

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